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Block Characteristics

  • Light and insulator of heat, cold and sound.
  • Using the best construction material for production of the blocks.
  • Using full automatic machinery with the latest technology.
  • Curing in separate saloons equipped with boilers.
  • Having compressive strength of the concrete complied with the national standard of ISIRI-7782.
  • Well packaging on the pallet.
  • Mechanized unloading with our transportation.
  • Minimum wastage rate during loading & unloading, transportation and while performance.
  • Capability of shearing & hole-drilling.
  • Possibility of using mortar and plaster.
  • Installing quality management system in accordance with standards (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001) and known as qualified by "TUV Nord" institute of Germany.
  • Technical certificate from "Road, Housing & Development Research Center" and products confirmation in accordance with the national standard of ISIRI-7782.
  • customers complaint Dept. in order to receive, evaluate and take necessary steps to remove difficulties as soon as possible.
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