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Masonry Mortar


This product may contain crystalline silica Cement may cause respiratory, skin and eye irritation. Wet cement can be irritating and corrosive to eye and skin and may cause skin sensitization. While contact with eye, wash your eyes with water immediately.

Technical Data


  • Grey cement as adhesive, grained limestone with the biggest size of 3 mm as aggregate and organic additives to improve the quality of mortar.
  • Wet mortar density,1850 gr/lit.
  • Thickness of mortar layer,15-20mm.
  • Air content of the fresh mortar mixture according to the instruction is around 10 percent.
  • Compressed strength of the hardened mortar, after 28 days, is 12 M pa (M10 class).
  • Consumption: consumption rate depends on type and size of the masonry materials. As experienced, to construct one square meter concrete block wall of width:15 cm and mortar thickness of 2 cm, we need 43 kg of mortar.
mortar packaging
mortar packaging
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