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Perlite Stone


Applications for Perlite

Perlite is used in various areas such as construction materials, agriculture, medical and chemical industry. Moreover, expanded perlite aggregate (EPA) has been used within the constructional elements such as brick, plaster, pipe, wall and floor block. EPA is a heat and sound insulator, and lightweight material which ensures economic benefits in constructions. Perlite is also used as an insulator to reduce noise and, since it is non-combustible, it also improves the fire resistance of different construction components in buildings. Perlite is an important commodity in the horticulture industry where it is mixed with soil.


Technical Data

The heating process does not change the perlite density (2.2–2.3 kg/dm3) but the bulk density decreases to 60–80 g/dm3. During the thermal treatments, a structural transition from amorphous to crystalline occurs, accompanied by increased cation exchange capacity (CEC) from 20–30 to 35–50 cmol/kg, as a result of the multiplication of broken edges, and increased specific surface area from 1.2 to 2.3 m2/g .

SEM Image of Perlite

SEM image of expanded perlite
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