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Thermal Light Blocks


Thermal Light Block

I.A.G Thermal light block is made of non load-bearing insulation material designed to be placed on metal-frame walls for separation of interior spaces in buildings, and since they are impermeable to water they can be used in damp conditions without any loss of their insulting properties (heat&sound). I.A.G Thermal block is light grey in color with a homomorphic granular surface texture.


Reaction on fire




Sound insulation


Thermal insulation

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Resistance of a structure on fire measured by the time period during which it can withstand fire without burning and collapse. Light aggregate produced on 12000ºc and can resist the thermal shock of 11000ºc.

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Weight reduction loads to decrease the constructing expenses, and sine the earth quake forces on a structure depends on the can minimize the destructive forces of the earth quake. Weight of the light weight block walls in 2.5 times less in comparison with clay walls.

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Generally, in porous block, when air comes out of the holes of the block by pressure of sound, amortizated because of friction and converted to heat. Special texture of the block surface and properties of light aggregate allows attraction of the sound.

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Using these blocks to insulate the peripheral walls has been approved by optimization organization of the fuel consumption and without using any other insulator the laid wall with light weight block is considered as a homogenous insulator, and comply with the national building code od 19, of the building national rules ®ulations.

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